Chi Bowls


I couldn’t figure out what to call this recipe! I considered Chia Pudding, but I just can’t get past the chia pet association. And it’s just not pudding. Sorry. I don’t care how long you’ve been dairy free, vegan or paleo, but you’ve had pudding in your life and chia pudding is just not pudding. Megan suggested Smoothie Bowls, but they’re not smooth. I’m a stickler for semantics. So is she, but she wanted to get me off the phone. Berry Bowls sounded nice, but berry bowls are potter lingo for a bowl with holes; very nice, but not something you eat.

Some people call these sorts of things Energy Bowls or Power Bowls. And I like that. But it seems to me that many Energy or Power Bowls you see on other blogs or food sites have all sorts of protein powders or acai or maca. I haven’t explored these things. I’m sort of old. So, I decided those names weren’t quite right either.

Chi means “vital energy” in Chinese. I think of it as “life force.” We had a ferret named “Chi.” We’ve been thinking about her lately because of the demolition. When the guys took out the corner cabinet, they found 20 toothbrushes underneath. That was the work of a thief of a weasel named Chi. Chi Ferret was the embodiment of energy spirit. And she loved fruit. And nuts. So, this recipe is named after her.
Here is a picture of Chi in a bowl.
Chi Bowls

I know that peanuts are not nuts, but I am including them with nuts. If you don’t eat them, don’t use them or the peanut powder; it’ll still be great!

Makes 1 bowl

1/3 cup coconut or almond milk
2 tbs. peanut powder, like PB2 (optional)
1 tbs. honey or agave (optional)
1/3 cup seeds (chia, sesame, hemp, sunflower)
1/4 cup nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, peanuts)
1 cup fruit, in bite-size pieces
optional garnishes: coconut flakes, extra seeds and/or nuts, granola, nut butter, mint, more sweetener

Mix together the coconut or almond milk, the peanut powder, sweetener and seeds. If you have time, you can refrigerate this mixture for up to a day and it will get thicker and the chia will swell. This is nice, but not essential unless you have talked to the nutrition police and they told you to do it.

Arrange the fruit, nuts and optional garnishes on top. Take a picture and post it on Instagram and tag me: @debspots. Then mix everything together and dive in; so good, right?


Love, Chick Pea

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