About Us


Who are you people?

This is Deb (a.k.a. the Chickpea). She is a tough, silly, curly-haired, cat-loving, pot-throwing psychologist-slash-pyromaniac living in upstate New York. She is Meg’s mother.


This is Meg (a.k.a. the Rutabaga). She is a tough, silly, straight-haired, cat-loving, NPR-listening aspiring scientist-slash-writer living (currently) in Baltimore. She is Deb’s daughter.

Why Chickpea & Rutabaga?

Deb sometimes eats an almost entirely chickpea-based diet, hence her nickname. This is appropriate since her favorite legume closely resembles her most prominent physical feature (three guesses). Meg was nicknamed Rutabaga even before she was born, and she still feels it is her spirit vegetable: sort of plain and sort of complex at the same time, and ultimately both cheap and comforting.

Really, we’d both just as soon be called “dude,” as in, “Hey dude, can I have some more of that awesome spaghetti you made? Thanks.”

What’s this blog about?

We love cooking. Since Meg moved away for college in 2008, Deb has continued her habit of cooking elaborate three-course meals every night, and Meg has graduated from using a hot plate in her dorm to fry eggs, to making fledgling stews for one on a real gas stove. Years later, our phone calls are usually some variant of, “How are you?” “I’m great. Dude, you would not believe what I cooked last night.” And of course, we miss each other terribly.

That’s where this blog comes in. These days, we’re not usually in the same kitchen—but we are in two far-away ones, talking to each other. In an attempt to become a dyadic version of our hero, Laurie Colwin, we will document our long-distance cooperative kitchen experiments here.



Hey, make sure to check out our other websites if you like this one!

Deb’s pottery and food website and blog: debspots.com
eb’s psychology practice website: drdebbernstein.com
eg’s website: talkingtosquid.wordpress.com


Chickpea & Rutabaga



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